Smart Meters

Harris County MUD 383 has deployed smart meter devices so that you and your neighbors can better track water usage, quickly identify leaks, and to help conserve water. You may use the guide below to familiarize yourself with the EyeOnWater smart meter dashboard.

Getting Started

Check out the resources below for information on registering your smart meter and viewing your usage via EyeOnWater app. EyeOnWater lets you see how much water you’re using and can even alert you of possible leaks on your property.

What You'll Need

Visit to access online or download the mobile app.

When creating your account, you’ll need your 15 digit water service account number with hyphens including your zipcode, indicated on you water bill.

Supported Browsers

For best results when accessing the EyeOnWater web app, use the latest and next previous major releases of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 11 only) or Apple Safari.

EyeOnWater Web App

Creating an Account

Using EyeOnWater Online

Setup a Leak Alert

EyeOnWater Mobile App

Creating an Account

Using the EyeOnWater App